When it comes to drinking, you typically hear people refer to their state in one of two basic ways: buzzed, or drunk. You might think these are synonymous, but to an avid drinker— one is merely a step along the way to another. However, when it comes to a DUI, doesn’t any type of impaired driving result in trouble? In short, yes and no. It all comes down to that BAC, which is at least mildly indicative of what term the driver uses. So, buzzed driving vs drunk driving can lead to many of the same problems…

Buzzed Driving vs Drunk Driving: Is there a difference?

A slang term

In the Carolinas, drunk driving is driving with a BAC of .08 or higher. Therefore, if you say you were just ‘buzzed’ and not ‘drunk’, you might be trying to infer that you fell below that .08 mark. However, buzzed is just a slang term and it ultimately will hold no weight when it comes you arresting officer.

The problem with feeling that ‘buzz’ is that many times, the person is just trying to say they’re feeling the effects, but they’re still coherent. However, the problem with this, is that the feeling can come at a different point for everyone. For instance, someone who drinks every night of the week might not feel that buzz until they’re past the legal limit. Or, others may feel it after one drink.

In the end it’s up to you to understand how alcohol is affecting your body

Terms aside, if you blow above the legal limit, you will face DUI. So, it is up to you to determine your limits. You plan on driving? Drink, or don’t, accordingly. At the end of the day, driving under the influence can lead to a number of problems. Whether it one of the other, buzzed driving vs drunk driving, it comes down to numbers. In addition, if you’re one of those who feel the effects of one drink, you might still fail field sobriety tests. If you act thoroughly intoxicated, even below the legal limit, you may potentially still be taken in, and booked. So, drive safe, drink smart, and know your limits.