You may have heard about the controversy caused by caffeinated drinks with alcohol in them. However, mixing alcohol and caffeine still remains popular. Whether it’s through energy drinks, coffee, or placing caffeine in special beer brews, these drinks still come with some potential risks…

Caffeinated Drinks and Alcohol: A Dangerous Mix?

Alcohol and caffeine

It’s important to know why alcohol and caffeine can be a dangerous mix. That way, you’ll have a better understanding as to why these caffeinated drinks are both so appealing and risky. It all comes down to how the two react with one another when they’re inside your body.

Alcohol is a depressant. When consumed, it releases chemicals in your body which slow you down and make you feel tired. In comparison, caffeine is a stimulant. That’s why people will drink caffeinated things when they need an energy boost. However, when combined, they effectively “block” out each other in your body.

Why it’s dangerous

At first glance, you might think that caffeinated drinks don’t sound too bad. After all, if they cancel each other out, then doesn’t that mean you can drink and be more alert than usual? While on the surface this appears to be the case, in reality this is exactly why you don’twant to mix the two. 

Due to how caffeine and alcohol counter each other, it’s true you may feel more awake while drinking. However, this can fool you into thinking you aren’t as intoxicated as you really are. As a result, it’s not uncommon for people who mix alcohol and caffeine to binge drink, going well over their normal limits without even realizing it.

What you can do

The easiest way to avoid mixing caffeine and alcohol is to just avoid caffeinated drinks. Don’t order any drinks which you know will have caffeine in them. Plus, avoid consuming any caffeine before you drink. Even if you don’t mix them, the caffeine that’s already in your system could cause you problems.

Still, if you like using things such as sodas or coffee as mixers, you still have some options. Getting decaf choices will let you still make the drinks you like, while avoiding the dangerous mix that usually comes with them. If you do plan on having a drink with caffeine in it, make sure to keep it in moderation and be aware of the dangers.