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charlotte dwi e-bookCharlotte attorney Robert J.Reeves has written a Charlotte DWI e-Book to answer some of our client’s most common questions. While we answer most client concerns, you may have additional questions. Consequently, call us directly for more information about the DUI process or what you can expect in court. In addition, downloading this e-Book does not create an attorney-client relationship. Furthermore, it does not teach you how to represent yourself. Rather, DWI cases are very complex, and we strongly advise you to hire an experienced, professional lawyer. However, if you are facing a Mecklenburg CountyDWI, you can download this e-Book by clicking MeckDWIeBook.docx. While each case is different, we hope that learning more about the process will bring you some peace of mind.  If you would like a personal consultation about your situation, contact us directly at 704.351.7979 or email robert@rjrlaw.com.

What This e-Book Can Do

First, this Charlotte DWI e-book explains what to expect after a DWI arrest in Mecklenburg County. Because we know you want answers, we try to give you a fairly comprehensive overview of the process. In addition, we explain the court appearances and the difference between District Court and Superior Court. After all, North Carolina DWI laws are very harsh, even for a first time offense. And because the process is so intimidating, we thought we would peel back the mystery. Furthermore, once you know what you are facing, you can prepare yourself to get through this ordeal. Consequently, the sooner you download it and read it, the sooner you will sleep better.

So to download a copy, all you need to do is provide your contact information. Since most folks prefer their privacy, we promise not to stalk you or share your information with anyone. Rather, this Charlotte DWI e-Book is for your benefit. Moreover, we know you will call us if you want to talk further. And for clients who do hire us, this e-Book can be a reference whenever you have concerns. Of course, you can always reach out to us when feeling anxious. After all, knowing what to expect can calm your fears. So don’t wait any longer to download our Charlotte DWI e-Book and find out what you need to know.


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We are available to you 24/7, via: (704) 351- 7979


We are available to you 24/7, via:
(704) 351- 7979

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