Driving under the influence in any state can land you with a DWI, DUI, or other similar charges. But does driving under the influence only apply to cars? Or can you get in trouble on other modes of transportation? Below find examples of various vehicles that can land you in hot water if you’re found operating them while intoxicated.

Driving Under the Influence: Is it Just for Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles?


In all fifty states, driving under the influence while operating a boat can result in a charge. This is a BUI charge, or Boating Under the Influence. According to the US Coast Guard, half of all boating-related fatal accidents involve alcohol. A BUI is a serious charge and can result in fines, or you losing your boating license. It could even lead to jail time. Remember, a BUI could result from alcohol or drugs.

Other Motorized Vehicles

Driving under the influence while operating non-automotive motorized vehicles is also breaking the law in many states. For example, drinking and then driving a golf cart on a public road. Another vehicle you can get in trouble for driving while under the influence is an ATV. Motorized scooters and mopeds are also not allowed if you’re drinking. In addition, construction vehicles are off-limits. And finally, some states can charge you for riding in ride-on lawnmowers, snowmobiles, or even motorized wheelchairs.

Unusual Mode of Transportation

Some states have very strict rules for operating non-automobiles while under the influence. Riding a bicycle while under the influence is a common type of ticket in many places. Some states even ban you from riding on skateboards while drinking. And finally, in Kentucky, it’s illegal to ride a horse while under the influence! Some of these don’t seem like dangerous things to be operating while drunk. However, the issue is that you could be sharing a public road with other vehicles or pedestrians. If you were to swerve into the wrong lane, whether in a car, riding a bike, or on a horse, you could cause an accident.

Driving under the influence doesn’t just apply to cars, trucks, and motorcycles. You might get a ticket for driving a boat, or other motorized vehicles. You can even get in trouble for non-motorized vehicles like bikes or even horses. If you plan to drink, it’s best to arrange for somebody else to get you there and back. It’s not worth this risk of potentially getting a ticket, or getting hurt in an accident.