While we all know many folks still drink and drive, you haven’t heard much about DUI arrests lately. Maybe that’s because DWI arrests are down again this year in Mecklenburg County. Hence we will look at some possible reasons why.

dwi arrestsDWI Arrests and Uber

As a result of Uber, fewer people seem to call taxi cabs. After all, taxis usually take longer and cost more. Furthermore, most partiers don’t take the bus to get home. In addition, light rail makes it easier to get into the city and get back out without parking. Nevertheless, the bars are full, and folks seem to be drinking just as much. While more people are using Uber, I don’t see a big change in overall behavior. Also, most first time DUI arrests involve people who try to drink responsibly at dinner or the game. So Uber would not appear to be making that much of a difference in the scheme of things.

DWI Arrests and Charlotte DUI Task Force

As a result of tremendous growth over the past few years, Charlotte has become a major metropolitan city. Nevertheless, the actual number of Charlotte DWI Task Force members is quite small. Consequently, the regular police officers have to wait when they have a suspected drunk driver situation. Because a DUI arrest can take a couple of hours or more to complete, there are fewer arrests possible.

DWI arrestsDWI Arrests and Checkpoints

Almost certainly the most effective use of time and manpower for DWI arrests is checkpoints. In addition, Charlotte already has a mobile DWI investigation luxury bus at its disposal. Rather than let it sit idle, the “BAC mobile” could out stopping crime and making money for the city. After all, that is what it is there for. Nevertheless, checkpoints are fewer and farther between which results in fewer DWI arrests. Sadly, we will see more DWI enforcement only after a serious accident involving a drunk driver. Seems like we become complacent too quickly.

While no one wants truly drunk drivers on the road, our clients are good folks who try to drink responsibly. Nevertheless, on their way home after dinner or a game, they are arrested and spend the night in jail. As a result, they need our help and experience to aggressively defend their case. Because there is so much at stake, they need to retain the DWI attorney who gives them the most confidence. In addition, they should hire the lawyer who also puts them at ease. When searching for a Charlotte DWI lawyer, compare our firm’s credentials and experience against any other firm. Then give us a call to review your case. We look forward to speaking with you.