One common problem that our clients face is the issue of having a license in another state, and getting a DWI in North Carolina. We live in an increasingly mobile society, so this issue is becoming more and more common. One of the most basic things to understand is that your license is controlled by your home state. So if you are licensed in South Carolina, and are charged with DWI in North Carolina, you will immediately lose your driving privileges in North Carolina, but you will not immediately lose your South Carolina. At that point, you are free to drive in every state in the Union other than North Carolina.

The states are linked via the National Driver Registry.  Eventually your licensing state will take an action on your license according to its own laws.  This may take months to happen, or it may happen immediately.  If your licensing state takes your license, then you will have to deal with that state to get driving privileges.  This may necessitate hiring a lawyer in that state to determine when you are able to get your license back, and to help you apply for a Limited Driving Privilege, or Hardship License, if applicable.

Having a license in another state makes things more complicated, because both states want to get a piece of the pie when it comes to money.  North Carolina will want a fee when it comes to getting a limited driving privilege, and the other state will want a fee when it comes to getting your license back.  We know that dealing with the DMV or its equivalent in your state can be a hassle.  But imagine having to deal with two DMVs.  So you can see how having to deal with two states is much more difficult than having to deal with one.  If you have questions about getting a Limited Driving Privilege in North Carolina, please do not hesitate to give us a call.