Have you ever come up on a roadblock for a DUI checkpoint while on the road? Police officers use these checkpoints to spot DUI offenders. These are usually random checks, and often take place late at night or on major roadways. Oftentimes, you will see police officers alone both sides of the road. They will bring traffic to a stop to look at driver’s licenses. While this can feel a bit intimidating, you will feel much more comfortable if you know how to handle a DUI checkpoint.

How-to Handle a DUI Checkpoint: What You Should Do

Continue to the Checkpoint

First off, when you see a DUI checkpoint, make sure you actually go all the way to the stop. This may seem very straightforward, but you would be surprised to know that some people try to turn around before they get to them. If you do this, you automatically look suspicious. An officer will wonder why would you turn around other than the fact you have something to hide? This is not a good way to handle a DUI checkpoint.

If you do decide to turn around for whatever reason, only do it where it is legal to do so. Find a legal u-turn area. Do not just turn around in the middle of the road. Turning around illegally could actually put even more of a target on your back in the eyes of the cops.

Act Calm

The best way to handle a DUI checkpoint is to stay calm. Once you have pulled over, do not panic. If you are acting nervous, you may start to look suspicious. Even if you are afraid, do your best to act police and speak clearly to the officer. If you remain cooperative and nice, the process will run smoother and get out back on the road faster. Have your license and registration easily available, as they will likely ask for these. Remember, just because are at this stop does not mean that you are in trouble.

While you probably will be able to move on after showing the police your documentation, sometimes you may be asked to exit your vehicle. If they ask you to get out of your car, get out without arguing. If you start contesting this, and refuse to get out of your vehicle, you could end up getting into trouble.