request-a-consultation-mecklenburgA woman from Gaston County was scheduled to be in court yesterday, facing some serious charges, but mainly, shooting a member of her family, and using that to hold the Gaston Police ” at bay” for a few hours.

The 50-year old Cramerton woman was arrested when the Gaston County Police Emergency Response Team in conjunction with the local police by using flash grenades to smoke the woman out of her house. She had already killed one of her kin, and the hours were getting later that Monday night.

The family of the defendant said that the events that led to the shooting started around 11:30 a.m., when a mother and her adult son began to open fire on each other. The location of the standoff was on the 60th block of Fourth Street. The son said he got his children out of the house and immediately fled.

When the Cramerton Police arrived at the woman’s home, they said they were not able to talk her into put her rifle down and exiting the home. At that time, the local police called the Gaston County police for support as the standoff continued.

It was when the flash grenades were thrown into the woman’s home that she finally left the house.

The defendant was charged with assault with a weapon, resisting and obstructing the law enforcement teams, and unlawful discharge of a firearm.

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