Many people think marijuana is completely safe to use. Sometimes, doctors even prescribe it for things like nausea… This has led to some states legalizing its use. But many researchers think that there are some long-term effects of marijuana use that people need to be more aware of. These can be more common among younger users like teenagers. This is because their brains are still developing. There are physical side effects like increased risk for heart problems and intense nausea. There are also psychological effects like problems with memory loss. And finally, there are social factors to consider as well. Marijuana use is linked to more students dropping out of school early. It’s important to know the possible long-term risks from using pot.

Long Term Effects of Marijuana Use: Know the Risks

Physical Effects

There are a number of possible long-term effects of marijuana use. But the research is still somewhat new. Researchers think that pot can cause an increase in heart rate for long periods of time. This can be damaging to the heart long-term. It can also lead to a higher risk of a heart attack. In addition, there is a condition called cannabis hyperemesis that is linked to marijuana use. This causes intense nausea and vomiting and can be very serious. This is ironic as the pot is often used to prevent nausea.

Psychological Effects

There are also psychological long-term effects of marijuana use. Using pot can affect the way the brain’s hippocampus operates. This can lead to memory problems. Studies have also shown that long-term use can lead to increased anxiety and depression. In younger users, especially teenagers, pot use might cause problems with brain development. This is because our brains continue to grow through the teenage years. Younger users who smoke a lot of pot might have fewer neural fibers in some parts of the brain and even a lower IQ.

Social Effects

Finally, there are social long-term effects of marijuana use to consider. Any frequent use of mind-altering substances can cause issues with personal relationships. In addition, younger users have shown an increase in school dropouts. This isn’t necessarily an effect of marijuana. But it has been linked to it as a risk factor. And of course, any substance that can increase anxiety and depression can have a negative effect on your social life.

Marijuana has fewer known side effects than other substances like opioids and alcohol. However, there still are significant long-term effects of marijuana use. These aren’t as well known, and so users might assume that there are no risks. This is more dangerous for younger users. There are physical effects like issues with brain development and possible risk of heart issues. There are also psychological effects like anxiety and depression. And finally, there can be negative social effects of pot use like memory loss. All in all, there are many things to consider if you’re a regular pot user. You should be aware of possible side effects from long-term use.