North Carolina established its Drug Treatment Courts (DTC) in 1995. The courts were designed to offer treatment to adults who are suffering from substance abuse problems.  The goals set forth of the DTC include reducing alcohol and drug related court workload, reduce the rate of repeat offenders, and reduce drug and alcohol dependency of offenders.   The hope is that by reducing substance abuse problems among people who are in the court system it will reduce the costs society pays for those who are continually using drugs and involved in criminal activity.

The DTC heavily monitors those who are receiving treatment to ensure they follow the treatment plan.  The DTC also provides services to juveniles and parents of neglected or abused children who suffer substance abuse problems. The DTC is also considered to be an intermediate sanction under the structured sentencing law as of 2003. Those who are sentenced to DTC are required to follow the rules of the program.  People in the DTC program must also participate in drug screening and report when required to do so.

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