A 17 year old boy has been arrested in Lincoln County in connection with the kidnapping of a 14 year old. The kidnapping occurred because of a drug deal. Allegedly the 14 year old was meeting the 17 year old along with other teenagers Thursday night to sell drugs. The drug being sold was reportedly marijuana.

The kidnapping occurred while the 14 year old was completing the transaction. There were four people in an SUV who were selling the marijuana. One of the people buying the drugs grabbed some of it without paying for it. At that point the people in the SUV forced the 14 year old to get into the SUV. The people in the SUV let the 14 year old several miles down the road.

The 14 year old received several bumps on his head and a bloody nose. The 17 year old has been charged with first-degree kidnapping and misdemeanor assault. Police are still looking for others involved in the incident.

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