While most DWI arrests are misdemeanors, an accident DUI can change everything in an instant. So what can happen here?

accident duiAccident DUI Arrest

Although most DUI arrests are from bad choices, at least you have the choice. However, once you have an accident, you no longer have control over the outcome. Rather, at that point, all you can do is hope that you and the other person survive. But with today’s safety features in cars, there are fewer serious injuries from crashes. As a result, even an accident DUI may stay a misdemeanor. For example, in the crash photo, the damage to the car is significant. Nevertheless, due to airbags and safety belts, there was no seriously injury. Consequently, this accident DUI would not be a felony.

So What Difference Does It Make?

While both types of DUI charges result in a permanent criminal record, one involves jail, and the other means prison. So isn’t jail and prison the same thing? Although most folks think so, jail is a matter of days, weeks, or months in a local facility. However, prison is the Department of Corrections, and usually means years behind bars. Furthermore, it is often much harder for friends and family to come see you in prison. Because of added security issues, there are more rules that limit family visits. Even lawyers have a tough time seeing their clients. As a result, there is a huge difference between jail time and time in prison.

In addition to the above, a felony DUI conviction means other life changes. While most people think of a serious violent crime, a DUI felony also means you can no longer vote. Further, you cannot own or possess a firearm. And no one else can have a gun if they live in the same house. Because a felony conviction is so serious, any violation will result in new felony charges. Now you can see how a bad choice to get behind the wheel after drinking can change your life forever. So don’t take the chance and risk bad things.