A trial court administrator is trying to implore the North Carolina legislature to decriminalize driving while license revoked. This charge floods the dockets of court rooms around the state and costs the court system a lot of money. A lot of people who receive this charge just end up having it dismissed as long as certain conditions are met, such as paying outstanding fines and the restoration fee. It is an uncommon situation that someone may have their license revoked and not even realize it until they stopped by police. A lot of revocations stem from unpaid fines from traffic tickets and some people do not even realize they have outstanding fines due to inadequate notification.

The administrator does believe that people who have a revoked license due to a DWI charge should still be charged criminally. If the legislature should decide to decriminalize driving while license revoked it is likely that certain exceptions would be carved such as DWI revocations that would still be charged criminally. After all the purpose of revoking someone’s license after being charged with DWI it to keep them off the road and deter people from driving while intoxicated.

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