It’s Friday. The work week is over, and it’s time to celebrate in style. Many do so by hitting a happy hour, meeting friends for drinks, and even coworkers. After-work drinks are a common way to end the work day, or the work week, but there are a few things you need to practice in drinking responsibly. After-work drinks are a great way to celebrate a hard day’s work. However, practice with caution and care. 

After-Work Drinks: Caution and Care 

Have a glass of water here and there

It’s not uncommon that we’ll forget to hydrate during a work day. From things you need to get done, to distractions, and that fourth cup of coffee— forgetting food and water is not uncommon. So, as you head out for after-work drinks, grab a bottle of water on the way. Furthermore, consider ordering some food before you grab your first drink. Especially if you drove to this after-work event, you need to make sure you’re minding your alcohol intake. 

Keep track of how much you drink 

As we’ve mentioned, especially if you’re driving, you need to be mindful of how much you drink. Nothing spoils a Friday evening more than a DUI. So, drink smart, mind your intake, and make sure to drink water in between. If you plan to drive, keep your tab limited to two drinks, and make sure to take your time on it. Furthermore, be mindful of what it is you’re drinking. Tequila shots are never a good idea when you’re driving. In short, drink smart and mind your BAC. Lastly, when in doubt, leave your car and call an Uber. I 

Be mindful of your uniform 

Lastly, if you’re wearing a company logo— remember that you are an extension of your workplace. Even though the office is closed and you’re finished for the week— having the company logo on your back as you take shots of tequila at the bar, or do something regrettable— can come back to bite you. After-work drinks are not something you should have to hide, but just keep that logo in mind before you order another round, and make sure you’re being a good representative.