Because alcohol absorption affects BAC levels, it is important to understand the physiology. And just how much alcohol is absorbed into the blood depends on many factors. We explain further below.

alcohol absorptionAlcohol Absorption Factors

While breath testing machines treat us all the same, alcohol absorption and BAC levels differ with individuals. So it’s true that alcohol affects each person differently. Consequently, police officers tell us we are individuals. But then, breathalyzer machines use ratios that treat us all as the same. Regardless, there are several factors to consider. First of all, women absorb more alcohol than men. Why? Because they have more deposits of fatty tissue in their bodies. Also, heavier people can drink more than skinny people. I knew it. And finally, the type and amount of alcohol as well as how quickly consumed affect BAC.

Almost everyone knows liquor has more alcohol than wine, and wine has more than beer. But not always. Seems like today’s IPA beers contain much more alcohol than regular beers. Maybe that’s why they taste so good and are so popular. Hence, small batch beer is the most rapidly growing segment of the market. Next, how much alcohol and over what time period affects BAC. For example, if you “pace” yourself, your BAC level remains lower than if you binge or “power” drink. And remember, drinking tolerance has nothing to do with your BAC level.

Food and Alcohol Absorption

Almost everyone knows not to drink on an empty stomach. Why? Because more alcohol is absorbed and more quickly into your bloodstream. And that is what causes high BAC readings. While drinking, it is best to do do on a full stomach. In addition, we recommend you continue to eat while drinking. With food, you absorb less alcohol and more slowly. Consequently, you don’t get as drunk as quickly or badly as without food. And also, your head will thank you the next morning.

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alcohol absorption

So what is the moral of this story? Drink alcohol (whatever your preference) slowly and with food. Most of all, the goal here is to enjoy yourself and to do so responsibly. Consequently, you have a good time, feel better the next day, and get back home safely. And you are less likely to get charged with a Charlotte DWI. But if you are arrested, our DUI lawyers are standing by to help. Try not to worry. After all, this is what we do. Call now. 704-351-7979 or email robert@rjrlaw.com.