Because addiction is real, some folks want to know about alcohol addiction and DUI. For example, many ask if addiction is a legal defense? While courts may feel for people with addiction issues, it is not a defense.

Alcohol Addiction and DUI

While some folks may drink on occasion, others drink everyday. And still others drink themselves out of marriages, jobs, and even their homes. Consequently, we know alcohol addiction and DUI often go hand in hand. In addition, we also know no one likes alcohol to the point where they lose everything. Rather, anyone who works with alcoholics will tell you they will drink everyday until they die. So why is alcohol addiction not a defense to DUI? Because intent is not an element of a DUI charge. Even if someone puts something in your drink is not a defense in a DUI arrest. Instead, the law only requires that you are behind the wheel driving while impaired.

Because addiction is real, we have many clients with serious drinking problems. In fact, some have come to us more than once for DWI. While we feel for them personally, we stress that eventually they are going to hurt themselves or someone else. In addition, they will eventually go to jail or even prison if they don’t get help. So as we deal with their criminal case, we also try to help them with their addiction issues as well.

alcohol addictionInpatient Rehab or Private Counseling

Certainly, we are big fans of Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups. However, for people fighting true addiction issues, we believe they first need intense counseling and maybe even hospitalization. While many think drinking is “all in your head,” there are also physical issues as well. Perhaps one day there will be a medical cure for alcohol addiction. But for now, it will continue to be a daily, even hourly, struggle for those who suffer from addiction.