It can be hard to find alcohol alternatives when you want to cut back on your drinking. You might not know where to look, or if there’s anything that will fully replace alcohol for you. However, there are a few good alternatives you can use to help you cut your drinking back…

Alcohol Alternatives: Replacing Risky Behavior

Social replacements

Social drinking is very popular in the United States. Of course, this means it can be a bit hard to find alcohol alternatives for when you go out. After all, you don’t want to avoid going out with friends, but you also don’t want to feel “left out” too.

However, you do have a few choices you can use. Non-alcoholic drinks can let you enjoy the taste of your drink of choice without the alcohol. You could also opt for sparkling juices, or just a club soda. All that matters is finding an alternative you enjoy that helps you feel more comfortable.

Relaxing replacements

Many people also enjoy having a drink or two to unwind and relax. It becomes a bit harder to find good alcohol alternatives if this is a common part of your daily or weekly routine. However, you do have the benefit of plenty of options to chose from.

Many people like to work out their stress by exercising. Even small things like taking a walk or doing some yard work helps reduce the stress in your body and encourage the production of those “feel-good” endorphins.You can also try things like meditation or deep breathing exercises to help get your body relaxed without alcohol.

Lifestyle changes

It’s one thing to give some alcohol alternatives a try. It’s a whole other thing, however, to stick with them. It can be difficult to break out of habits, and alcohol is no different. That’s why you might want to consider making some lifestyle changes to help give you the edge.

For starters, try clearing out any alcohol from your house. Not seeing alcohol constantly will help you avoid the temptation to have a drink. Then, begin to take steps to get used to the alternatives. Maybe one night or two you have a drink, but the rest you have an alternative. This will help you eventually get to a point where you’ll be more comfortable with the alternative, and opt for that instead.