One of the most difficult things about getting sober, is considering the idea of special occasions without a drink in hand. It can sometimes feel like a social necessity to celebrate as you always have. However, as you get on the road to sobriety, you have to begin tackling these social situations without your favorite vice. One of the times when we miss it most, is when we’re relaxing and having fun with friends and family. Vacation is a time to let loose, catch up on sleep, and relax after a period of hard work. It’s not uncommon that you’ll want to pack a cooler for those days spent on the beach, by the lake, or fishing in the mountains. However, if this is your first alcohol-free vacation, you’ll likely have to make some hard commitments to get through. But, we’re here to help… 

Alcohol-Free Vacation: Seriously Getting Sober 

Consider that vacations are a time of self-care 

We mention up above that vacations are a time to catch up on sleep, relax, let loose, and so forth. All of these things are acts of self-care that we often don’t have the chance to perform. Therefore, we often come back from vacation feeling refreshed, and recharged for the weeks to come at work. Acts of self-care are means of bettering yourself, your mental state, and your physical state. Deciding not to drink is a huge act of self-care that we often don’t take time to celebrate. 

Redefine what a good time looks like 

Alcohol is not the key to your having fun. After all, there are plenty of people who skip the alcohol, and still have a great time. But, that’s not to say it was an easy transition. When you’re on the road to getting sober, you have to redefine how you have fun, and use some serious willpower to avoid drinking through it. So, just as not drinking is self-care, redefining your good time is a step in that right direction. 

Prepare yourself for different 

Getting sober is not easy, and it won’t be in the beginning. But, that’s a part of the journey you have to work through. So, take a few moments every day to check in with yourself, and prepare yourself for the fact that your life looks different now. Not worse by any means, just different. You have to come to terms with the fact that this will be difficult for a while, but then it will become your normal.

Choose your support system wisely 

If you use a notebook, podcasts, sponsors, or even just your friends— keep that support system close to you. By keeping good company, explaining your goal, and encouraging them to support you— you already make this journey one step easier. An alcohol-free vacation can seem daunting at first, but it’s not impossible. Not to mention, you’ll free even more refreshed at the end of the week than you would have if you spent it drinking. Now, you get to go back to work fully refreshed, and reset. 

Good luck on your sober journey!