Most people of legal age will partake in what’s considered ‘binge drinking’ from time to time. Whether you’re at a tailgate, a party, or even just at the bar with some friends— the opportunity to drink a little too much is ever-present. Therefore, it’s also quite possible that you, or one of your friends, will present signs of a common syndrome. While we are all familiar with the idea of alcohol poisoning, and likely know someone who has endured it, it can be difficult to diagnose. Especially when you’ve been drinking quite heavily. So, we’re here to help you determine what to keep an eye out for— and what to do in the event that someone you know is suffering from alcohol poisoning… 

Alcohol Poisoning Signs: What to Look For 

First off, what exactly is alcohol poisoning? 

You can get alcohol poisoning from drinking too much over too short a time period. When you drink too much, your breathing, heart rate, and body temperature among other things, can be affected. Furthermore, it isn’t directly related to only drinking alcoholic beverages. In fact, if anyone happens to drink household products that contain alcohol (such as mouthwash) in a high concentration, that can also lead to alcohol poisoning. If someone you know is presenting asigns, even if you don’t know that they drank— it’s important to seek medical attention. 

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning: 

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning are pretty similar across the board. You’ll want to watch for heavy vomiting, irregular breathing, low body temps, unconsciousness, seizures, and pale or blue skin. These things, along with a few others, are the most common signs. While you might hesitate to seek out medical assistance, especially if the person is underage, there is a risk of serious injury or death when this issue goes untreated.

What do I do? 

Start by calling 911 and poison control. Call poison control while you wait on an EMT to arrive. Then, let them talk you through any treatment you can provide while you wait. Give information to both 911 and poison control concerning intake, how long they’ve been drinking, and specific signs. If the person is vomiting, make sure they are sitting up or turned on their side to avoid choking. Try and keep the person conscious as you wait for an EMT to arrive. 

Get help 

It can be scary to call emergency services. Especially when you’re underage, it is critical when someone is dealing with alcohol poisoning. By getting help, you may just save their life. The signs are quite easy to diagnose, and you can treat it quickly when you have the right team to do so.