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While searching for a DWI lawyer, most people “click” lawyers who promise an “aggressive DUI defense.” As a result, many criminal defense lawyers believe they must appear “tough” and “ready to fight.” But in my experience, this approach fails more often than it works. I have seen many different styles. And in my opinion, the best DUI defense attorneys practice law with respect and quiet effectiveness. Rather, going to court “with attitude” only reinforces a terrible stereotype and rarely works. Hence judges, lawyers, and especially juries, seem to prefer a more professional approach versus aggressive, hostile theatrics. Almost always, this practice style has worked well for me now for over 28 years. In the end, however, every lawyer has to learn what works best for them.

Aggressive DUI Defense or Results

Maybe clients want an aggressive DUI defense. But they want the best possible outcome more. While we cannot guarantee any particular result, we can promise our best efforts. And as part of that promise, we work hard to deliver the best result given the facts. After all, that’s why people hire us. And that’s what we will do.

Early in my practice, I tried an alleged trademark infringement case brought by Anheuser Busch (Budweiser Beer). And as you would expect, their lawyers were quite intimidating. While participating in depositions and hearings, I observed different lawyer styles and evaluated what worked best. In addition, their lead counsel shared “[w]e never fear loud lawyers. Rather, the quiet ones give us concern.” Consequently, I’ve always remembered those words. Furthermore, I have reached that same conclusion many times during my legal career. Almost always, the loud, offensive attorneys usually do more harm than good to their client’s cases. As a result, we learn from others’ mistakes and approach our cases from a different viewpoint. Since it works for us, we use it to defend our client’s cases.

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In our practice, our DWI lawyers use their best practices when dealing with other lawyers, prosecutors, and certainly judges. While we will fight in court when necessary, we prefer to resolve cases with effective outcomes. In addition, this is what our client’s prefer and expect us to do. Consequently, Aaron R. Lee with our office uses this approach in his dealings with the DMV and prosecutors. Because of his training and DWI experience, he understands the anxiety you feel. As a result, he takes the time to fully explain what you are facing and how we can help. Also, Mr. Lee is personally available even after hours if you have questions or concerns. Try not to worry. We will get through this process together. You don’t have to go it alone. Call Aaron 704-960-9097 or email aaron@leeandleelawfirm.com and let’s start your defense.