Maybe you’re the designated driver; maybe you want to remember your evening; or maybe you just don’t typically drink too much. No matter your reason, you want to avoid becoming intoxicated tonight, and we understand that— especially if you’re the designated driver. So, we’ve come up with a means of helping to do just that. Obviously, the best means of doing so is to refrain from drinking. But, we understand that sometimes there is a social obligation. So, we’re here to help keep you sober and having fun…

How-To Avoid Becoming Intoxicated: Have Fun, Stay Sober

Preventing DUI and a Hangover

Count your drinks

This is a pretty great way of making sure you avoid becoming intoxicated. If you’re drinking beer, keep your caps. If you’re drinking wine, keep the corks. Or, go with old faithful— make a line on your arm with pen, or keep track in your phone. No matter your method, keeping track of how many you have, is a great way to  keep yourself straight. After all, one an hour… right?

Alter your drinks

If you want to keep it light, or drive home later, keep that one drink an hour restricted to smart drinks. For instance, consider light beer. It’s typically low in ABV and easy to drink.

Alter how you drink

The slower your drink, the better for your BAC. One drink per hour allows your liver to keep up. So, sip slow. Also, drink water or other non-alcoholic beverages in between alcoholic ones.


Have a good, hearty meal before you start drinking. The higher in carbs— the better for your drinking stomach. By doing so, your body will absorb the alcohol more slowly. Consider snacking during the night as well, that ay you’re keeping something other than alcohol in your system.

Keep your drinking habits safe and light

Everyone drinks differently, and has a different tolerance level. However, if you want to stay sober, or drive home later— you must be mindful of your drinking. One an hour, drink water, eat before, and don’t overdo it. Lastly, don’t risk it! Being able to drive is a privilege, but it’s also something were rely on heavily. So, don’t get that privilege taken away because you weren’t drinking smart. We wish you luck and a happy weekend!