When you’re sober, it’s easy to consider the fact that drinking and driving is extremely dangerous and risky. However, once alcohol gets into our system, judgment and reasoning have a tendency to go out the window. Therefore, if we don’t take the right steps, any of us could find ourselves getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink. So, what can you do to avoid drunk driving and keep yourself safe from DUI and disaster?

Avoid Drunk Driving: Steps to Take  

Secure a Designated Driver 

One of the most useful ways to avoid drunk driving is by securing a designated driver. Before you head out for the night, you need to form a plan for how you’re getting home. If you ask a friend to drive, make sure it’s someone that you can trust. Not all friends make for great DD’s. For example, many people will agree to drive but not be able to refrain from drinking when they go out. In order to avoid this, make sure your DD is someone you can trust to not drink and to get your home safely.

Give Up Your Keys 

The next step to avoid drunk driving is to give up your keys. Before you begin drinking, it’s best to give your keys to a sober friend. You should do this before, because you may not want to once you have alcohol in your system. At that point, a friend may need to take your keys and you could become defensive. So, in order to avoid any tension, get rid of them before the night really begins. Furthermore, some people may opt for hiding their keys instead of giving them to a friend. However, it’s difficult to hide things from ourselves, which means you may retrieve them after drinking a bit. In addition, it’s also possible to hide them all too well and end up losing them.

Be Careful of Morning After Driving 

Most of us assume we are okay to drive the morning after a night of drinking. However, in many ways driving hungover can have the same effects as driving drunk. For instance, you most likely still have alcohol in your system the morning after. You may feel extremely sluggish, have a harder time focusing, and experience slower reaction time. Therefore, in order to avoid drunk driving, you should really be cautious the morning after drinking as well.