We all know that when it comes to alcohol, there can be health risks associated with heavy and long time use. However, we rarely hear about the health benefits that come along with some types of drinking. Are there any health benefits? When it comes to having a pint, there are actually a few beer-associated health benefits. Obviously, moderation is key and a beer won’t replace your salad. But, as they say, the more you know…

Beer-Associated Health Benefits: What Can a Pint Do for Me?

What does the heart say?

According to some studies, moderate amounts of beer may be good for your heart. While this does hold some truth, consuming too much alcohol can increase your risk of heart disease. But, just the right amount may reduce it. As we’ve said, moderation is the key to success. In fact, drinking around seven pints of beer a week appears to reduce your risk of a heart attack or heart failure. In addition, people who follow this regimen tend to display a lower risk of sudden heart-related death.

What about the brain?

Another aspect of beer-associated health benefits is that it can sometimes be good for your brain. Because beer and alcohol thin the blood, it can help prevent the formation of tiny blood clots in the brain. Which in turn, can help prevent a stroke. Like the heart benefits, you must drink moderately, or about 7 beers per week, in order to experience the benefits. But when it comes to heavy drinking, A.K.A. those that have 15 or more drinks per week, actually may experience atrophy and damage to their brain tissue.

Is low-calorie beer more heart-healthy?

Do beer-associated health benefits increase if you stick with low calorie beer? In short, possibly, but the jury is still out. While these are lower in calories, they are also lower in alcohol content. Therefore, people tend to drink more because the effects are less. So, unless you still follow the ‘one-a-day’ regimen with this low-cal option, you might be off-setting the positive effects. In addition, these drinks will not increase heart and brain benefits— rather, they will stay about the same. But, if weight is of concern to you, the lower calories can benefit you in that regard.

We’ll say it one more time: MODERATION IS KEY!!!!!

These health benefits aren’t to say ‘get drunk— it’s great for you!’ Rather, they are to say that too much of a good thing can become counterproductive. So, having a beer with dinner? Go for it. Having five beers with dinner? Not exactly the best idea for your insides.