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Best DUI Attorney in Charlotte? Only You Can Decide. best dui attorney

Being the best DUI attorney is the goal of every lawyer. Quite understandably, persons who find themselves in this predicament ask anyone they can and aggressively search the internet for “who is the best DUI attorney in Charlotte?” or “who is the best DWI lawyer in Mecklenburg County?”

While there are many excellent DUI lawyers in the Charlotte area, each attorney brings different attributes and skills to the table. Deciding which one to retain is a critical first decision and one that should be made only after careful review of credentials and qualifications. We even encourage potential clients to personally meet and interview more than one DWI lawyer before making that choice. Then, after you have done your own research, you should choose the DWI attorney that gives you the most confidence and also puts you at ease. Only then will you have found the “best DUI attorney” for you.

DWI Lawyers Cannot Say Their the Best

Good manners and, more importantly, the North Carolina Bar do not permit any lawyer to they are the “best.” Rather, lawyers must promote themselves within ethical rules. Many DWI attorneys, like myself, go to great effort to improve our trial skills and other credentials in order to try and stand out among the competition. For example, I have undertaken the same training as police officers in “DWI Investigation and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing” as well as the “Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE)” courses sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

I successfully passed both courses and received certificates. This endeavor required two trips to Atlanta and several thousand dollars, but I was convinced such training was critical if I wanted to defend DUI cases. One should learn and understand the proper police procedure in order to be able to critically review whether these important tests were administered as required under NHTSA protocol. If not, the results are invalidated and may be used to cast further doubt on the whole arrest process in DUI cases.best dui attorney

Membership in Criminal Defense Associations

Another way DUI lawyers hope to improve their practice and standing is to join DWI focused associations and other groups. Some memberships are standard like the North Carolina Bar and Mecklenburg County Bar. Other associations are by invitation only. These various organizations claim that members are vetted and peer reviewed. Oftentimes, DWI attorneys join to meet and interact with other DUI lawyers in an effort to improve their own practices, learn new defense techniques, and perhaps even get referrals from other areas of the State of North Carolina.

Many organizations also offer focused seminars with great speakers and the latest information about DWI issues. It is also a great way to compare NC DWI laws with other DUI lawyers in our State and even from other parts of the country.There are a seemingly endless number of Associations to join. We have attempted to be prudent in which DWI groups we choose to participate. Charlotte DWI attorney Aaron Lee proudly supports and is a member of the National Trial Lawyers, National College for DUI Defense, National Advocacy for DUI Defense, and the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Everyone Knows a “Great Lawyer”

Whenever anyone gets arrested for DUI, friends and family, and maybe even co-workers, will volunteer who they believe is the “best DWI lawyer ever.” Strangely, in many situations, they will only be able to remember the first or last name. Certainly, trusted friends and family members are only trying to help. And, such recommendations are a great place to start your research. But just don’t stop there. This decision of “who to hire” is too important to be left to random suggestions. With the internet, there is much information available for the taking.

Many persons complain that so many DWI websites contain little actual information about North Carolina DWI laws in general and Charlotte DUI lawyers in particular. We have attempted to provide real and useful information on this website and to answer the most common questions asked by our clients. We have also tried to explain in understandable terms the complex DWI process and court system in North Carolina. Our firm hopes these efforts will help to lower the anxiety of anyone charged with a Charlotte DWI, regardless of whether they hire our firm or another DWI lawyer.

Personally Interview Several Charlotte DWI Lawyers

After a Charlotte DWI arrest, you cannot drive legally for at least ten (10) days if you intend to get a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP). During that time, you should research different DUI attorneys and then schedule times to actually sit down with them in their office and ask them hard questions. Over the phone interviews are great for getting initial answers, but a face-to-face meeting will give you the answer you need on who you find to be the best choice for your personality. Different DWI lawyers have different strategies and people skills. You have to choose who is best for you.

The best way to make that decision is to meet several and then go with whomever you have the best feeling in your gut. Spouses should go with you so that you can get their feedback and impressions as well. Also, see if the DWI attorney will actually call you back and/or adjust their schedules to fit yours. Will they come into the office early or stay late because you have a job. Are they willing to meet with you on weekends or after regular office hours? These are important attributes that really show who wants to work with you. Defending DUI cases is a process, and it is very important to be able to speak with your lawyer to get answers to questions that arise during the representation and concerns you will have.