You may think the glass is just a glass, but this is not the case when it comes to wine. Wine glasses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. This is not by chance. There is actually a lot of thought put into the different shapes and styles of wine glasses out there. This guide will help you determine which is the best wine glass for the wine you are drinking.

How to Choose the Best Wine Glass: Things to Consider

Bowl Size

When looking at a wine glass, the bowl is the portion that you pour the wine into. A wider bowl on a wine glass will allow more of the wine’s surface to be exposed to air. This will also directly affect how much of the wine’s aroma will get to your nose. The best wine glass for red wines will have a wider bowl. The wider bowl will help to aerate the red wine as you drink it, releasing more flavor. For example, reds typically have bolder flavors and aromas than whites, so the larger opening is perfect for this.

On the other hand, many white wines have lighter, more delicate flavors and aromas. Smaller bowls have a smaller opening. Therefore, a smaller surface area of the wine exposed. Less air can get to the white wine, which is desirable for this type of wine. A smaller bowl holds in the chill of the wine a little bit better as well.


Flutes are going to be a very tall, narrow glass shape. This is the best wine glass option for sparkly, bubbly wines like champaign. The reason for this is that the very narrow openings will really limit the amount of air that gets into the drink. It will also help to hold in all of the bubbles and make a bubbly drink extra special


Some people have a strong preference between stems and stemless glasses. One thing to keep in mind is that holding a stem keeps you from holding the bowl where the wine is. The heat of your hands can warm up the glass, and therefore warm up your drink. For reds, this isn’t as much of an issue, as they are usually served at a warmer temperature. On the other hand, it’s common to chill white wines. The heat from your hands could warm up the temperature of white wine. If this doesn’t bother you, then choose whichever you prefer between stemless and stemmed glasses.

While you may think there is no rhyme reason to choosing the best wine glass to drink out of, you not know that there is a science behind it. The different wine varieties all have qualities that make them better suited for different glass shapes and designs.