Buzzed Driving and Drunk Driving | It’s the Same Thing Police and ambulance

We have all seen the ads. On TV. On billboards. Even on the radio. You know, the ones that say, “You just blew $10,000.00” With all of the fines, court costs, required treatment, and increases in automobile insurance rates, that figure is about right. After all is said and done, the cheapest fee is what the DUI attorney charges. And now, the message is “buzzed driving is drunk driving.” Here is the reason for the new slogan. Too many people after a night out on the town will justify getting behind the wheel after drinking because they feel “fine.” We’ve all heard and maybe even said, “I’m just a little buzzed.” Hopefully, they get home safely. Sometimes they get stopped at a checkpoint and get arrested for a Charlotte DWI, a misdemeanor. Other times, sadly, bad things happen, and lives are changed forever. On both sides. In a serious accident where serious injury or death occurs, you get charged with a felony DUI. That is a much different animal. With a regular DUI, you are looking a loss of driving privileges and some costs but rarely any jail time. With a felony DUI, you are facing time in prison. Your life. Your family’s life. The person injured or killed and their family is changed. Forever. It’s not worth it. The risk is too high. That’s what the picture on this blog is about. Someone got injured. Someone else got arrested. No one is going home tonight. Don’t let either person be you.

Here is a simple truth. If you have anything to drink, no matter how little, your breath is going to give you up. And as soon as a Charlotte police officer smells alcohol, you are done. When asked to participate in field sobriety tests, you can try but will fail and be handcuffed. And if you politely decline, you will get arrested. Either way, you see what’s going to happen. Here’s the secret to avoiding a Charlotte DWI: let someone else drive you home if you have anything to drink. At all. Call a cab. Call a friend. Walk home. But get home. Safely. That’s all anybody wants for you. Including our firm. We hope you never need our services. Truly. If there were no more DUI arrests, we would happily find something else to do. Be safe out there. But if you do need professional, experienced DUI representation here in Charlotte / Mecklenburg County, we will be here for you.