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Cabarrus County Concord DWI Attorney

While we focus our criminal DUI practice in Charlotte, we also represent clients arrested and charged with a Concord DWI. Because some prefer a Charlotte DUI defense attorney, they turn to us for help. After all, that’s what we do. Consequently, our firm stands ready to fight wherever we are needed. In Concord and Kannapolis cases, Aaron Lee with our firm takes lead. Prior to coming to Robert J. Reeves P.C, Aaron already practiced in Cabarrus County. Furthermore, he and his wife live there, and he helps his fellow neighbors with both traffic tickets and DWI arrests. As a result, you actually get two DUI defense lawyers working hard on your case.

concord dwiLocal Concord DWI Attorney Aaron Lee

Attorney Aaron Lee understands being charged with a DWI creates a lot of anxiety. In addition to losing your license, you may lose your job or even spend time in jail. However, don’t give up before the fight even begins. Just because you are charged with DWI does not mean you are guilty. Always remember that you are presumed innocent under the law. As a result, the State has to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
Because he lives there, Mr. Lee is an aggressive and passionate advocate for his clients. In addition, Aaron makes himself personally available when you need answers, even after hours or on weekends. And if the evidence is just not there, then he stands ready to take your case to a jury. Of course, you decide what you want to do after our guidance and counsel. After all, you are always in charge of your case, and we work for you.
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