A local Charlotte attorney was arrested this past week, and charged with DWI, after North Carolina Highway Patrol clocked him speeding along I-85 at Mallard Creek Road.  Charlotte DWI Attorney

The man was placed under arrest after he allegedly refused the breath-test that was offered to him.  The attorney has represented many high-profile clients throughout the Charlotte region.

When you refuse to take teh breathalyzer, you are automatically considered, by law, to of refused your ” breath test,”and then the ” implied consent laws kick in. Essentially, what this says is that if you have refused to submit to a chemical analysis, then you are also going to lose your license,like it or not. The DMV and the laws clearly state that driving is a privilage, not a right.

That being said, if you denounce that right, then the state is legally allowed to revoke your license whether you were above a .08% on your Blood Alcohol Test or not.

If you have a license in NC, then you have already submitted yourself to the impliedf consent laws of the state.

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