While holiday parties and time with family are great, police will also be out in force with Christmas DUI checkpoints. Furthermore, according to Guardian Interlock, DUI-related traffic stops usually increase about 1/3 on Christmas Eve. As a result, police are prepared and set up to make arrests.

Christmas dui checkpoints

Christmas DUI Checkpoints

Rather than provide alcohol, many companies don’t even allow alcohol at parties. Due to liability concerns, businesses simply can’t take the chance. As a result, company parties are going “dry.” Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Consequently, there will be less marital discord after office party mishaps. In addition, there will be fewer embarrassing photocopies of body parts. While this may be better overall, employee morale is going to suffer. So is this the end of Christmas party mayhem? Of course not. Rather, there is still the ever popular neighborhood holiday party mischief. Here’s how this works.

Christmas dui checkpointsBecause the party is within the neighborhood, everyone thinks it is safe to drink and then walk home. Since no one is driving, people can let loose and party hard. But when the ice or beer runs out, someone always volunteers to go to the store and get more. While they have usually drank less and feel fine to drive, that’s when DUI arrests occur. Rather than sticking to the plan to stay safe, the person who leaves pays the price. So stay with the plan and avoid arrest. Or worse.

Wait to Drink Until You Get Home

Almost everyone arrested for DUI swears off alcohol in the beginning. While I understand their initial feelings, I tell them there is nothing wrong with drinking. Rather just do it once you are back safe at home. Maybe the best thing in the world is a fresh cigar with a little Jack Daniels. Or a lot of Jack Daniels. But just make sure you are safe. And hence everyone else is safe too. In the end, that’s really all that matters. In conclusion, you avoid Christmas DUI checkpoints and may only have to deal with a headache the next morning. Either way, you wake up in your bed instead of jail.