Police departments across the nation depend on K9 units for a variety of functions, from drug detection to finding missing persons. The CMPD is no exception, and the department has been steadily increasing its K9 unit. The department started with only a couple of dogs in the 1980s and now currently has 13 dogs. Each dog is assigned to an officer within the K9 unit who goes through training school with the dog.

Each dog must go through extensive training which can be very expensive. The initial six week training course for a dog is approximately $12,500. Maintaining the unit can be costly over time as well since the department pays for vet bills, basic care, and continued training for the police dogs. Despite the high costs of maintain this unit it appears the necessity of the unit overrides these costs. In 2011 alone the unit responded to 3,520 service calls. The exact number for 2012 is not known yet but it is expected to be higher.

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