There are many penalties for getting a DUI, especially depending on the kind of job you hold. For those in commercial trucking or truck driving? Amongst DUI penalties, commercial drivers license loss can be especially damaging. Ultimately, this penalty not only takes away their ability to drive, but their livelihood as well. A truck driver accused of DUI can automatically lose their license for at least a year.

Commercial Drivers License Loss: A Damaging DUI Penalty

If you are a commercial driver of any kind, you must be particularly careful about your driving record, and what you do behind the wheel. Aside from just drinking and driving, offenses committed in commercial vehicles often carry higher point values than ordinary vehicles.  These points can add up quickly, and before you know it, you have lost your license.  You only need one or two convictions of some speeding offenses before you lose your license.  Even if you don’t lose your license, getting too many convictions may result in a termination of employment or make employment harder to find.

DUI, in particular can carry heavy penalties

If you find yourself facing a DUI, and you carry a commercial drivers license, it’s extremely important that you get a lawyer as soon as possible. While an ordinary driver is in trouble for a DUI, you have a unique situation. So, not only do you face the typical DUI protocol, but you may also find yourself without a job. If you happen to be driving that tractor trailer during the DUI stop? The BAC requirement is much lower than your typical passenger vehicle DUI requirements. In North Carolina, the BAC level that is acceptable for drinking and driving is .04 or below. However, even though you pass for the intent of not getting a DUI, there’s no telling how your employer might react.

As a truck driver, you hold a lot of power in your hands

You might feel like the penalties for a truck driver are a bit unfair. However, you must consider what’s at stake if you cause an accident. While a passenger vehicle can cause a lot of damage in the event of a crash, a tractor trailer accident can be catastrophic. So, driving drunk is not an option for you— not even a little bit. So, drive safe, drive smart, and drive sober. Doing so ensures your job, and your driving privileges.