Limited Driving Privilege NC DWISo maybe you have been pulled over.  You may either know or not know why you have been pulled over by police but one thought in your mind is that you have a gun in the car and you are not sure how to approach the subject.  Depending on what jurisdiction you are in it is ok to have a gun in your car as long as you are complying with the law.  Most of the time all this involves is either having a concealed permit or storing your weapon in a place where it is not readily accessible. As long as you are in compliance with the law it is not a problem. 

However in this situation you should say something to the officer.  As a former police officer if you have a gun in your vehicle we just want to know it is there.  I have conducted many traffic stops where the driver had a concealed carry permit and I asked if he had a gun in the car.  Many times he would say yes and I may ask him to step out of the vehicle while I talk to him but it was only a safety issue for me.  I believe in the right to bear arms and people should be allowed to carry weapons.  The unfortunate situation is that some people use them is a manner to harm others and as an officer I wanted to go home at the end of my shift. 

Once your registration on the vehicle is run through the DMV if you have a concealed weapon permit or not dispatch will advise the officer.  Should you have a weapon in your car go ahead and tell the officer up front.  If  you have it legally than there is no reason to worry, the officer is just being safe.  He/she may ask where it is or run the serial number but it will not be held against you unless you stole the gun or cannot legally possess it.  Trust me, you will gain much more respect from an officer if you say upfront you have a gun in your car.  There is nothing wrong it, and the majority of officers in my experience support legally having firearms.  At the end of the day we all want to go home and if we know any safety risks up front it puts us all in a better mood.

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