Criminal Defense AttorneyThose who have been convicted of habitual impaired driving will likely have their driver’s license permanently revoked.   A conviction of impaired driving is found when someone has at least 4 convictions of DWI within a 7 year period.   Although the revocation is considered “permanent” there is still a way to receive a conditional license restoration so long as certain conditions are met.

If someone is granted a conditional license he or she will not be permitted to operate a vehicle with a BAC greater than 0.0, which basically means he or she may not consume any alcohol at all before driving.  This restriction will remain for a period of 7 years from the date the driver’s license is restored.

In the event that someone with a conditional license does have over a 0.0 BAC or refuses to submit to a breathalyzer test their driver’s license will be revoked for an additional year.

There are 4 conditions which must be met before a conditional license will even be granted. These conditions are:

1.  The driver must complete any sentence that was issued by the Court

2. After completing the sentence issued by the Court, the driver’s license must have been revoked for at least 10 years

3.  The driver cannot have been convicted within a 10 year period immediately preceding the application in any state of a motor vehicle offense, ABC offense, drug offense, or any criminal offense.

4. The driver must present evidence to the DMV the he or she is not currently using alcohol or drugs.

Once these conditions are met then it is possible for someone with a permanent revocation to regain his or her driving privileges in North Carolina.

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