There are many different kinds of drinks out there, each one with different levels of popularity. However, one of the more popular drinking options in recent history has been craft beers. Still, what it is about these beers that sets them apart? As it turns out, there’s a few things which explain why these beers have been so popular…

Craft Beers: What Makes Them Different?


If there’s one thing to point at that explains why many people like craft beers, it’s the unique flavors. Normal beers tend to taste like…well, beer! While there’s some variety depending on the brand and brewing process, a lot of the more-common beer options tend to have similar flavor profiles. However, this isn’t the case with craft beer.

Craft beers tend to have a lot of different and unique flavors. This can include chocolate, coffee, fruits, hazelnut, and any other wide variety of options. Having this kind of range makes these craft options pretty appealing. In a way, no two drinks will be the same!

Alcohol content

One of the key differences of craft beers that most people know is the alcohol content. Normal beers tend to have an ABV around the 5% range. Plus, they’re usually served in 12 ounce glasses, bottles, or cans. However, a craft beer is usually different, both in ABV and how it’s served. 

Craft options tend to have higher ABV levels. Now, most tend to only be around the 10% range. However, there are also options that have up to 20%, 30%, and even 40%! Plus, they also tend to get served in larger glasses, usually in a pint glass, which are 16 ounces. Make sure to keep these differences in mind if you want to watch your alcohol intake!


Much like with flavors, another appealing thing about craft beers is the ingredients. Normal beers tend to use cheaper ingredients. Of course, this makes sense for mass-produced brands. However, it does compromise the flavor. As a result, you end up trading flavors in exchange for affordability and convenience.

Craft beer, on the other hand, place a large emphasis on the quality of the ingredients. Often times, brewers will hand-select the ingredients that go into their beers. They’ll pick the highest quality ones to ensure that they get the most flavor and overall potential out of their beers. This means that craft beers will be more pricey than other options, but give you a considerable bang for your buck.