When it comes to going out, no one ever wants to be the designated driver. After all, who wants to be the responsible one when all of your friends are letting their hair down? The answer for most, is ‘not me’. However, there are plenty of designated driver pros that make taking your turn behind the wheel completely worthwhile…

Designated Driver Pros: Taking your Turn Behind the Wheel

No Hangover or Headaches

So, sure there are a lot of great feelings that come with getting a buzz. But let’s face it, there are plenty of no-so-fun side effects of becoming drunk. Some of which include: ‘the spins’, vomiting,  anxiety, and upset stomach. Not to mention, the splitting headache and overall exhaustion you will probably face in the morning. In short, your body is getting revenge for all of those alcoholic beverages you put into it. Thus, being the designated driver gives you the opposite effect. Instead of battling illness as a result of drinking, you’ll wake up refreshed and know that your friends made it home safe. All in all, you’re doing a great deed and protecting yourself from hangover.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

Another one of the designated driver pros is that you can save money. By driving your friends, you no longer have to worry about the cost of a ride service. In addition, you won’t be spending any money on drinks. In most cases, you can easily spend $30-40 for only a few drinks while at the bar.So think about how much you can save by drinking a soda and driving instead.

Your Friends Will Love You

Friends are always appreciative of that person that’s willing to be the DD. So, while they may give you a hard time for being sober, they’ll love you for taking one for the team. In addition, knowing that they’re getting to have fun and get home safely will make you feel good. So helping out your friends become just another one of the designated drivers pros. Not to mention, now it’s one of their turns to be the driver.

In short, when you think about DD-ing, you probably only think about the cons. However, it’s important to realize there are plenty of designated driver pros as well. Your body, wallet, and friends will all thank you for staying sober and driving home. Not to mention, by being the sober driver, you might just prevent one of your friends getting a DUI…