Going out for drinks, or just having one at the end of a long day can be enjoyable for many people. However, if you’re trying to watch your weight, then you might be curious if you can make “diet drinking” work. As it turns out, there are ways to enjoy a drink without hurting your diet plans…

Diet Drinking: Watch Your Weight

Pick lighter options

If you want to try diet drinking, then it makes sense to pick the lighter drink choices out there. After all, many of them have “diet” right in the name. These options tend to come with much less calories and carbs than their normal counterparts, making them a more appealing option. 

However, keep in mind that they might taste a bit different as a result. This difference can be a deal-breaker for some. Plus, while many may have less alcohol in them, they’re still alcoholic drinks. Always watch your intake, even with these diet options!

Eat before you drink

You might’ve heard before that you should never drink on an empty stomach. Not only can this help you avoid feeling nauseous, but it can also help you with diet drinking. Eating before, and even while you drink can help reduce the amount of calories you take in.

For starters, eating beforehand will help fill your stomach up. This will make you want to drink less, and avoid those usual temptations to excessively eat when drinking. Plus, if you eat while you drink, then you won’t want to “splurge” on unhealthy choices. As long as you keep your choices healthy, then you can avoid a lot of unnecessary calories.

Limit your drinks

Placing a limit on how much you drink can really help with diet drinking. Generally, 1-2 drinks a day is considered to be moderate drinking. However, some people take this to mean that if they don’t drink until the weekend, they can drink a lot.

As it turns out, this is a bad idea. First, your body will be overloaded with alcohol calories, making it harder to breakdown your actual food calories. Plus, your blood sugar will get all out-of-sorts, making you want to eat more food. This is a combination which you’ll want to avoid, especially if you want to watch your weight.