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Because Charlotte DWI attorney Aaron Lee lives in Dilworth, he knows the area. In addition, he also knows the risks of getting a Dilworth DWI. So when you need him, he is just a phone call away.

Arrested for Dilworth DWI Charlotte

dilworth dwiSo when people come to the Dilworth area of Charlotte, they fall in love almost immediately. Because there are beautiful historic homes are on tree lined streets, families are moving here in droves. In addition, everything you want is within walking distance, including great restaurants and bars. As a result, it is also an area that is heavily patrolled by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. While enjoying yourself with friends, it is easy to get lost in the moment. Then, on your way home, you end up getting a Dilworth DWI. Consequently, you need an experienced, professional criminal defense DUI attorney. And that’s where our DUI defense lawyers can help.

Dilworth DWI Defense Attorneys of Aaron Lee

Because we know the anxiety you are feeling, our lawyers are personally available to answer your questions. While most think their case is over after arrest, it’s really just starting. After all, being charged is much different from being convicted. Consequently, we begin with the presumption of innocence and then see if the State can prove you guilty. So don’t give up before we take a look and do our job.

For an initial review of your Dilworth DWI case, you can call 704.222-7525 to schedule an appointment.  In addition, you can email him at aaron@leeandleelawfirm.com.  With over 28 years trial experience, Mr. Lee is not afraid to go all the way and fight for his clients in court. While the first goal is to find legal errors, he also evaluates how you would appear to a jury. However, even if we cannot dismiss your case, we can usually still help improve your case. Consequently, we take steps to lower your punishment level and lessen the impact on your life. After all, this is what people hire us to do.

Dilworth DWI arrests are prosecuted in Mecklenburg County

Because Mecklenburg County is our primary market, our downtown Charlotte office is located at 301 South McDowell Street, Suite 814. As a result, we know the procedures and persons involved in DUI cases here. In addition, we can explain what you are facing and how the system works. Even though each case is different, our approach to DWI defense is always the same. First, we thoroughly review all of the State’s case against you. Next, we personally interview the arresting officer. And finally, we review all video evidence for any legal errors and then jury appeal. At that point, we know every aspect of your case and can make recommendations.

Because so much is at stake, we then sit down with you personally to review your case. After we answer your questions, we give you options on what we think is the best course for your situation. Subsequently, after you have had a chance to consider, you tell us how you want to proceed. While we are there to guide you with recommendations, you are in charge and make all important decisions. After all, you know what is best for you and your family after our counsel. Try not to worry. Our experienced DUI lawyers are there for you every step of the process.