When you first start drinking alcohol, your friends will tell you to drink responsibly. While good advice, it will not save you from a DUI.

Drink Responsibly But Still Don’t Drive

drink responsiblyAlthough there is still the “legal limit” of 0.08, no one seems to remember this fact. Rather, if you drink and drive, you must be guilty of DWI. So what about those who “pace themselves” to be more responsible? While still a good idea, it will not be enough to save you. However responsible you try to be, everything changes once a officer smells any alcohol. And once they start a DWI investigation, you should plan to spend the night in jail.

Once you get out, you should call our firm immediately so that we can start your defense. Because time is critical, we like to get the initial description of what happened as soon as possible. In addition, there is the license suspension issue that clients want us to resolve. After all, they have to drive in order to get to work or school and need our help. So we start there and get you back on the road by first challenging the DMV suspension first. Then we turn our attention to your criminal case and look at options.

Either Drink at Home with Friends or Take Uber

While we all enjoy drinking with friends, it is just safer to do it at home now. Seems like fewer people just hang out like the old days. Because life is so fast in this tech heavy world, we forgot the pleasure of actually talking. Instead, we send emails and texts. Don’t let that be you. Instead, invite some friends over and have a few drinks or some wine. However, for your sake and the safety of others, enjoy the good times at home. In addition, if you are out on the town, take an Uber home instead. Either way, just be safe and get back home to what really matters.