While the stay-at-home orders are lifting and life slowly begins to return to the way it was, there are many different things we have learned or begun to do during quarantine. After all, it was a pretty strange time for all of us. Even those who didn’t see much change in their work life were still faced with the stark reality of little to no social life. So, as you got comfortable with yourself at home, you likely continued to have those few glasses of wine with your favorite tv show at the end of the day. However, as the months passed and nothing changed, you might have found yourself drinking more and more during quarantine. Therefore, it might be time for a drinking break. 

Drinking Break: Taking a Detox 

Taking a drinking break doesn’t necessarily mean that you have developed a problem drinking. Instead, it means that maybe you’re noticing that your tolerance is going up, you’re spending a lot of money, and it’s time to flush out some of those toxins. Like I said, quarantine was a strange time and there’s no shame in saying that you need to get yourself in check before going back to old routines. But, what’s the best way to do it? That really comes down to you. 

Focus on removing alcohol 

The obvious way to take a drinking break is to just cut all alcohol for a set period of time. Whether that be a week, a month, or more— you’re making a change for yourself and that’s a good thing! Doing this one simple, or not so simple, task can clear up your skin, help you lose weight, and help save money along the way. But, perhaps, you don’t want to just stop there. 

Focus on improving overall wellness 

Maybe you want to take it one step further and make a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change can be different for everyone. To you, a drinking break just doesn’t cut it so you’re cutting out other habits you have developed as well. For example, you might neglect working out or eating well. So, you’re taking the time to focus on that as well— good for you! Take some time and develop a plan that works for you or hire someone to do it for you. A personal trainer and a nutritionist could be just the bit of direction you need to start doing these things on your own. 

A personal choice 

When you decide to take a drinking break, you are making a commitment to your health and wellness that has the potential to impact your life for the better. Change starts with one small movement in the right direction, and we commend you for it! As always, we encourage you to take the right steps for you. You might be dealing with a more serious issue than the one we have detailed here. In that case, there are programs in your area that are here to help. As we mentioned, change starts with one small movement in the right direction. Make yours today.