Just about anything can be more fun when you make a game out of it, and drinking is no exception. Most anyone who enjoys a drink, has a favorite drinking game. From flip cup to beer bong, drinking games make a competition out of your alcohol. However, as much fun as they can be, they can also be quite dangerous. Many competitors have suffered serious injuries, and even fatalities, due to the following drinking game dangers. Check these out so next time you’re at a party, you can be safe.

Drinking Game Dangers: Avoiding Issue or Injury 

What’s In Your Drink?

One of the biggest drinking game dangers comes from not knowing what’s in your cup. When you start to play a game, someone normally provides you with a drink to play. Since you didn’t pour it, you don’t really know what’s in it. For instance, they could have poured more alcohol than you intended to drink. When you don’t know how much alcohol is in your drink, you may become far more intoxicated than you planned. In addition, drugged drinks are more prevalent in an atmosphere such as this. For these reasons, it’s best to always pour your own drink. Even when playing a drinking game. 

How Much Did You Drink?

The amount of alcohol you consume, and the rate at which you drink, can also contribute to potential dangers. Obviously, drinking games require that you drink. If you play several games, you’ll probably consume a great deal of alcohol in a short time. In addition, when you’re playing, you’re not keeping up with how many drink you’ve had. Therefore, you can end up drinking a large amount of alcohol. Not to mention, you’ll do so in a relatively short amount of time. By drinking too much, too quickly, you won’t allow your body time to process the alcohol. This can lead to serious conditions, such as alcohol poisoning.

Cranky Competition

Last on the list of drinking game dangers, is that you don’t always know who you’re playing with or against. More importantly, you don’t know how they play when they begin drinking. Alcohol can often change people’s moods and some people become angry when drinking. An angry drinker may not take too well to the rules of the game, the competition, or losing. Before you know it, you mind find yourself in a fight.

In short, drinking games can be lots of fun. However, they can also present serious dangers. Not knowing what you’re drinking, how much you’ve had, or how quickly you drink it, can be cause for trouble.