Alcohol has almost always been pretty popular, and these days that’s no different. However, what has been changing are the drinking trends people are doing. Looking at how the trends have been changing can help you be aware of what kind of drinking people prefer these days…

Drinking Trends: What’s Changing? 

Variety is key

One of the drinking trends that has become pretty apparent is the importance of variety. Older drinkers tend to find one or two favorite brands and stick with them. Younger drinkers, however, like to try multiple drink brands, especially newer ones like craft beers. 

This desire for variety stems from the fact that younger drinkers like to share their drinking experiences. Social media allows for them to quickly share and give their thoughts on the latest drinks. Plus, social drinking is very popular, so people are always eager to put their friends onto the new drinks they try.

Changing preferences

Drinking trends tend to be tracked in regards to beer, liquor and wine. As it turns out, the differences in preferences are pretty interesting between young and older drinkers. Overall, beer is the most popular option for both groups. However, younger drinkers prefer liquor and wine a lot more than their older counterparts.

The reason behind your preferences can differ. For starters, beer can be found in plenty of places, from stores to restaurants, and is cheaper too. It’s a lot easier to simply order a beer than worry about mixed drinks or ordering the right wine. However, younger drinkers like the variety that comes with liquors and wines, especially at social events and parties.

Quality or quantity?

One of the more interesting drinking trends to look at is the preference between quality versus quantity. Overall, older drinkers tend to spend a bit more annually on their drinks. One of the reasons for this is that these drinkers value quality. They don’t mind spending on premium choices when they can.

Younger drinkers, on the other hand, are a bit more reserved in their spending. They like to get as much out of their money as they can. Therefore, while they might not spring for the more-expensive drinks, they like to buy the cheaper ones, especially when buying from stores.