Driverless Cars and the Future of DWI

Seems like everyone dreams of driverless cars and the end of DWI accidents and arrests. While serious drunk driving accidents make headlines, there are actually relatively few in the grand scheme. But we feel we can end DWI more quickly than general negligence and bad driving. And now we are on the verge of taking drivers out of the equation all together. So what can possibly go wrong?

Driverless Cars Are Already Here

Probably the most striking irony with the recent focus on driverless vehicles is that they have always been available. While technology seeks to remove humans from behind the wheel, DWI arrests will most like continue for the foreseeable future. Why? First of all, most will always to prefer to drive themselves. Because we love our cars and the open road, driving is a part of our culture. Even in the movie I, Robot, Will Smith can switch to “manual mode” in his futuristic Audi. And please never take away the joy of turing 16 and driving alone for the first time. Finally, what good is a great sports car that you cannot drive for yourself. Rather, that is just theme park roller coaster ride with wheels. So what about those drunk drivers on the road?

Since people prefer to drive, there will always be DWI arrests. Much as people like to stereotype impaired drivers, most arrests are for relatively low alcohol blood levels. And this is even after the law changed to lower the “minimum limit” to 0.08 from 0.10. Rather than sensational headlines, most DWI arrests follow a drink with dinner or beer at a game. Furthermore, these individuals have “driverless” options even now. Either they can call a friend to come get them. Or, they can order online an Uber ride. Yet, Charlotte DWI arrests continue and even increase with more aggressive enforcement by police.

driverless carsSadly DWI Arrests Will Remain

Almost everyone would like to see the end of DWI arrests. But sadly, that just does not seem possible. Despite more and harsher laws, only stricter enforcement works to slow down drunk driving. And even that only works for a short time. Rather, people will always find a way to engage in dangerous behavior. In addition, just like cigarette smoking, the government has a vested stake in bad health practices. While we all know the dangers of smoking, many continue to do so. As a result, we pretend to want everyone to stop but rely on tax revenue from same. So it is the same with DUI. Certainly no one wants drunk driving accidents. But local and state governments need and now rely on DWI fees and costs. Maybe it is easier to just believe all the hype about public safety.

So long as DWI arrests continue, our firm will be here to defend your rights. Because we appreciate what is at stake, we pledge to do our best if you retain us. Since time is critical in a DUI case, call us as soon as you can. Consequently, we can explain what you are facing and get you back on the road. Then, we will get all evidence and lay out an individual strategy for your case. Try not to worry. After all, this is what we do. Call now 704-351-7979 or email robert@rjrlaw.com.