People drink and drive for a number of reasons. Whether they have somewhere to be, didn’t realize how drunk they are, an emergency came up, or whatever it may be. However, there are some consistent drunk driving excuses that come up amongst the masses who are facing DUI. Each case is different, but the reasons seem mostly consistent. One study surveyed a group of people and came up with this list of the most common reasons for drinking and driving.

Drunk Driving Excuses: Most Common Reasons for Drinking and Driving

“I felt okay to drive”

By far, the most common of all drunk driving excuses people is that the person felt competent, and unimpaired, enough to do so. In many cases, the person did not feel impaired so they didn’t think twice about heading home. But as we all know, it’s easy to not realize just how impaired you might be. Every body is different, and so is the way they feel the impairment. In addition, DUI charges aren’t based on how you feel but rather what you test. If you say you feel fine, but still blow over a .08, you are illegally drinking and driving.

“I live just around the corner”

Another reason people drink and drive is because they don’t have far to travel. In instances where that person lives in a small city like Columbia or Charlotte, they have a short commute. So for a lot of people, they don’t have too far to go and feel that their driving is justified enough. After all, what can happen on a ten to fifteen minute drive down the road? So many people who have that small commute will take the chance, and skip the Uber.

“I’m a good, careful driver” or “I drive better when I’m drunk”

One other common reason people drive drunk, is because they feel that they are a very safe and smart driver no matter their condition. Unlike that first “I felt okay to drive” group, this group typically knows how drunk they are— and feels that in spite of illegality, they are able to manage a car safely.

Driving drunk, ‘buzzed’, or because you feel you can manage, does not mean you won’t get a DUI

Sure, many people can avoid DUI by being a smart driver. But, you cannot account for every little thing that might happen on the roadway. You’re in a fender-bender, you run into a checkpoint, you have a tail light out, your tag is past the expiration… Whatever the reason, things happen. Taking the risk to drive because you feel capable even after a few drinks, is still taking a risk. So, drive smart, keep an eye on how much you’re drinking, and when in doubt— call an Uber.