When it comes to drinking, alcohol can dull our senses. It can make us feel that our behavior is totally normal, while others around us can clearly tell that we are intoxicated. This is normally the case when it comes to drinking and driving. You may believe you are driving well and managing the vehicle safely. However, just a few common signs can signal an officer that you are driving under the influence. So, what are the classic drunk driving signs that may give you away to law enforcement?   

Drunk Driving Signs: Common Missteps 

Lane Position

One of the first drunk driving signs you might come across is when a driver cannot maintain proper lane position. When we become intoxicated, we lose a lot of coordination and basic motor skills. Therefore, balancing a vehicle in one lane can be difficult. Most drunk drivers begin swerving off of the road or into other lanes. So, swerving and moving erratically across the road can be one of the first signs officers look for.

Braking Discrepancies 

Another of the likely drunk driving signs can be failing to brake appropriately. When we become drunk, it gets more difficult to judge distance and the movement of other vehicles. As a result, drunk drivers often fail to brake, or even brake too often. Some drunk drivers may ride their brakes to overcompensate for feeling out of control. While other drivers may not be able to judge the distance or recognize the car braking up ahead. Both cases can signal to officers that you may be driving under the influence of alcohol.

Your Speed

Last but certainly not least, your speed can be one of the telltale drunk driving signs. In most cases, alcohol interferes with our ability to gauge speed. For this reason, a lot of people will speed when they are driving while intoxicated. In other cases, drivers may drive well under the speed limit. But driving too slowly can be just as much of a warning sign for drunk driving as driving too fast.

In short, drunk driving can lead to serious consequences, such as a DUI charge. This can cost you your license, loads in court costs, and sometimes can even affect your employment. In addition to risking a DUI charge, drunk driving also risks your life. Many accidents take place due to driving drunk and most of them are fatal. So, you want to avoid these risks altogether and find a safe ride home after a night of drinking.