When facing a DWI charge, some lawyers recommend a DUI expert witness at trial. However, before you spend the money, do juries really understand what they say?

dui expert witnessDUI Expert Witness at Trial

While some Charlotte DWI attorneys swear by expert witnesses, others, like me, question their real value. Rather, is the cost of a DUI expert witness worth it? Because lawyers disagree, let’s look at both sides of the argument. For those who like experts, they claim it helps juries understand complex scientific evidence. However, juries tend to become bored easily and glaze over. As a result, they don’t take the time to listen carefully. Hence, they never learn or understand the nature of the evidence. And if that happens, you have wasted your money.

On the other hand, some experts relate well to juries and can explain things more simply. Consequently, even if the jury does not understand, they may like your DUI expert witness. And when that happens, they give you the benefit of doubt. Rather than try to make sense of complex science, they vote because they like you. While not exactly applying the law to the facts, it is the nature of people. And people are what make up a jury. As an “old school” trial attorney, I remain convinced jury trials are still largely just psychological in nature. Even after 27 years of trying cases, that fact remains the same today.

So How Do Juries Decide?

While in trial, I try to keep things simple. Rather than attempting to impress a jury, I focus on the everyday, common sense parts of my case. After all, everyone knows what “drunk” looks and sounds like. Consequently, they don’t need a prosecutor to “tell” them the evidence. Instead, most jurors want the State to “show” them the proof. And if the case is too complicated, juries are confused and “doubt” what they are hearing. Consequently, I keep it simple and argue their confusion is reasonable doubt. No DUI expert witness necessary and no additional costs to my client.