If you have made this mistake of drinking and driving, there’s a chance you will get pulled over by law enforcement under the suspicion of a DUI. If this is the case, there are some mistakes you could make during your stop that would make things worse for you and your case. Below, we will discuss the DUI stop mistakes that you can easily avoid.

DUI Stop Mistakes: Making Things Worse…

Being Rude

While this is good practice for any traffic stop or encounter with law enforcement, it is a common DUI stop mistakes. Furthermore, it is a common mistake amongst many people facing a police stop. Being polite and answering the questions will get you a lot further than being rude and short with the officers.


While arguing can go hand and hang with being rude to a police officer, arguing is one of the major DUI stop mistakes. While you may think you know what you have the right to do or not do, it’s best to just remain quiet and not argue.

Talking Too Much

While you should answer officers respectfully and truthfully, you should try to limit the amount of things you say. Slurring your speech easily becomes evidence against you, and is one of the most common DUI stop mistakes. Try to not answer questions with full sentences, but rather yes or no answers, if you must. While you should refrain from oversharing with the officer, you should also not lie. It will be very hard to come back from a lie once the truth comes out.

Running Away

Running away and making sudden movements will get you in physical trouble with the cops. These are both DUI stop mistakes that you can easily avoid. Remain calm, respectful, and quiet, and you will have a much smoother encounter.

People make these mistakes every day by neglecting to find a lawyer who will fight for them. In every case, you should find legal representation to help you during this time. A DUI defense attorney who knows all the ins and outs of a DUI conviction is your best bet at reducing charges. Don’t continue to make mistakes and get a lawyer as soon as possible.