Can You Be Arrested for DUI in a Golf Cart | Charlotte DUI Lawyer

While everyone knows DWI is illegal, you can also get arrested for a DUI in a golf cart. That’s right. Under North Carolina DWI law, driving a golf cart “while impaired” is illegal. Who would have thunk it? And how does this happen? Well, it begins with the statutory definition of “vehicle.” So here it is. In relevant part, North Carolina defines a “vehicle” as “…every device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, excepting devices moved by human power or used exclusively upon fixed rails or tracks…” What the heck does this mean? We explain further below.

dui in a golf cartDUI in a Golf Cart

For those who play golf, drinking with your buddies is part of the game. After all, that’s why clubs have “beer carts” travel around the course. Furthermore, the drinking usually continues at the all important 19th hole. Consequently, understanding spouses or cabs get golfers back home safely. But understand there will be a price to pay when you do get home. That’s just the way it is with golf and spouses. As a result, many golfers live in golfing communities. In addition, many families now use personal golf carts to get around in their neighborhoods. So what can happen?

First of all, you can legally drive drunk on your own private land. But you cannot operate a vehicle on any “public vehicular area.” Consequently, driving drunk on the golf course is probably fine, but you cannot drive your cart home. Once on the road, you can get a DUI in a golf cart. Probably best to leave the cart at the club and come back to get it later. Better safe than sorry.

Golf Cart DWI in Neighborhoods

Since everyone loves to drive golf carts, they are showing up in neighborhoods and gated communities. Rather than a car, golf carts are easier and cheaper to use. But now with restaurants and bars in these communities, a DWI arrest is now a concern. While impaired, golf cart drivers can pull in front of real cars and cause accidents. In addition, serious injury to golf cart passengers is a concern. As a result, police are now making more arrests for DUI in a golf cart.

dui in a golf cartSame Defenses for DUI in a Golf Cart

While it may seem that a golf cart DWI is less serious, it is not. Whether a car or golf cart or bicycle, a DUI conviction is the same. Hence, after all of the jokes, you must fight this DWI like any other. Fortunately, the same legal process and defenses apply here. Consequently, we review every step of the arrest for legal error and then how you appear on video.  Because the stakes are the same, we fight just as hard for DUI in a golf cart as any other DWI case. After all, that’s what you pay us to do and are counting on us. While we can’t promise you a particular outcome, we can pledge to do our best for you.