Legal Specialization in Criminal Defense

If you take a test and meet other requirements, a lawyer can claim legal specialization under North Carolina Bar rules. But does such certification actually make them a better trial lawyer in court? Not necessarily. We explain. While we respect attorneys who seek to further their education, the best education for trial lawyers comes from trying cases in court. Furthermore, there is no substitute.

legal specialization

Legal Specialization

Seems like every lawyer wants to be a trial attorney. But you have to actually try cases to be one. Of course, it is easier to plea or settle. However, you have to prepare for trial in every case to get your best offer in either civil or criminal court. If you are not willing to fight, you are not a trial lawyer. And you have no business holding yourself out to be one. My first boss once said “you can train a litigator but cannot make one.” He also said, “it may be safer in the harbor, but that’s not battle ships are for.” He was right then. So it is now. However, no amount of education or certification can replace trial skills learned from actually litigating cases. Even after 27 years of trying cases, every trial is a learning experience that further improves my skills.

legal specialization

legal specializationCriminal Court is Adversarial

As we stated earlier, we respect legal specialization. And we support ongoing education. But there is no substitute for actually trying cases in court. After all, criminal court is adversarial. Consequently, it is the State of North Carolina versus an individual citizen. Accused of DWI is serious. You know what is at stake. Therefore, when looking for a Charlotte DWI lawyer, compare their credentials. Also ask them the hard questions. Find out how often they go to trial. Furthermore, ask when they last tried a case. Their answers are critical. Pleading your case may be best but should not be your lawyer’s default position. If they don’t try cases, keep looking. In criminal DUI cases, you need a fighter.

After you compare our experience, let’s schedule a time to meet. At a minimum, sit down with us to review your case. We are proud of our credentials. But most of all, we are not afraid to get into the ring for you. We are there when you need us. Call us today and let’s get started.

*Membership in professional organizations does not imply legal specialization under NC Bar rules. Rather, it shows our commitment to our profession and DUI defense.