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dui arrestsDUI Arrests After Midnight

Many individuals believe that there are “good times” and “bad times” for DUI arrests. In addition, they think you are less likely to be “caught” during the “good times.” For example, many believe having beers at lunch is “safe.” After all, police don’t usually think people drink during the day. But if you are stopped or involved in an accident, the investigating officer will smell alcohol on your breath. And then, you are done.

Certainly, there are the usual times when officers are more “on alert” for DUI arrests. The axiom “nothing good happens after midnight” is true. Drivers on the road past midnight are often stopped for suspicion of drunk driving. Because there are fewer drivers on the road, you stand out. While you may just be tired, that looks very similar to impairment. Consequently, swerving due to fatigue gives an officer a basis to stop you. And once pulled over, the police check for the smell of alcohol. You get the idea.

DUI Arrests on Weekends

The most frequent DUI arrests usually occur on the weekends. Of course. Many people start early and go out on Thursday nights. But, Friday and Saturday nights are the best nights to “let loose” and “party.” Everyone knows this fact, including the police. As a result, they are always out in force and watching for dangerous driving. DUI checkpoints are also routinely setup on the weekends. As a Charlotte DUI defense lawyer, I regularly receive calls and emails on Saturday and Sunday about a DUI arrest. They are very anxious and tired after having been up all night and going though the DUI arrest process. We are happy to answer their calls and questions. We even routinely meet with new clients so that they can feel more assured and get the process started for a limited driving privilege.

DUI Arrests During Holidays

Again, this fact is not really surprising. People love to relax and enjoy themselves during holidays. Spending time with family and friends frequently involves drinking. In some cases, spending time with family can cause drinking (just kidding). Nevertheless, even when the “party atmosphere” seems to demand social drinking, police are aware and engaged to be on the lookout for impaired driving.

Holidays also seems to result in more depression and bad behaviors. Christmas and New Years especially seem to cause individuals to reflect on past perceived failures and/or losses. Psychiatrists and hospitals always see an uptick in new patients and calls for counseling. Divorce lawyers also report a surge in new business. Feelings of sadness or regret are often “medicated” with alcohol.

dui arrestsDUI Arrests in the Summertime

There are few things in life as fun as getting out on the lake in a fast ski boat. Skiing or tubing with your friends or kids is an awesome time and builds great memories. Of course, adding burgers and beer to the day is almost second nature. Ice cold beer on a hot day is why people drink so much while on the water. However, our bodies are even more susceptible to becoming impaired more quickly and intensely in boats.

The sun will dehydrate us as we sweat, and even less alcohol than you usually drink can result in impairment. Also, we tend to drink more as we “play hard” on the lake. When we are with friends while boating, it is critically important to watch out for everything at all times. Other boats, skiers, tubers, and even swimmers in the water can seemingly “come out of nowhere” with the blinding sun and reflecting glare on the water. Unfortunately, a moment of inattention can result in serious injury or death as boats have no seat belts, air bags, or brakes.

How to Avoid a DUI Arrest?

As you can see from this article, there really are no “safe times” to drink. We have even represented clients who were arrested in early morning Charlotte traffic. They have been out the night before and “partied hard” until 2:00 or even 3:00 am. They get home and get a few hours of sleep and then shower to head off to work. They’re tired and feel a little “hung over” but think this is just part of “being young.” While sitting in traffic, some other driver may inadvertently “tap” the rear of their car. Wanting to get a police report for the insurance claim, someone calls the police to come investigate. However, when the officers detects the odor of alcohol, the accident investigation becomes a DWI investigation.

The simple truth is this: you cannot safely drive and avoid a DUI if you have had anything to drink before getting behind the wheel. If you absolutely want to avoid the risk of a DUI arrest, drink at home, have a true designated driver, call a cab, or stay at a friend’s house after a party. In any other scenario, you run the real risk of being stopped, arrested, and charged with a DUI. Be safe. Don’t take chances. Live to play another day. Drinking and then driving is simply not worth the risk of the bad things that can and do happen.