In addition to handling all types of DWIs, our firm handles all related offenses that occur with a DWI. These type of offenses range from Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) charges to reckless driving and even minor infractions.

  • DWLR- Driving While License Revoked
  • Reckless Driving
  • Speeding
  • Registration/Inspection Violations
  • Open Container
  • Red Light and Stop Sign Violations

Driving While License Revoked– There are many reasons why someone’s license might be revoked ranging from missing a court date to Driving While Impaired. Fixing a revoked license is sometimes straightforward and other times it can be very difficult, it may even require a DMV Hearing. The penalties for the charge can be quite severe, up to a 120 days in jail is the maximum penalty but this will depend on your driving record. Regardless of your record or the reason your license is revoked, if you plead guilty to DWLR your license will be automatically suspended for at least 1 year by the DMV but could be longer.

Reckless Driving– Essentially an Officer can issue a ticket for Reckless Driving for two reasons. First the driver could cited for speeding at a very high speed above the speed limit, somewhere between 25 m.p.h. and 30 m.p.h. could allow an Officer to issue this citation. The second way to be found guilty of Reckless Driving, is when the driver endangers other drivers, property or people with their driving. It could range from aggressive driving on the highway all the way from running off the road and causing an accident. Reckless Driving is a very broad citation and the penalties are harsh. If the driver is found guilty of the charge, they will be facing 4 points on their insurance and license. Most serious is the possibility of jail time but more likely would be a license suspension.

Speeding– A speeding ticket is a very common reason to be stopped and usually it is not a big deal. When it’s coupled with a DWI, however it becomes very important, as it is the reason the Officer stopped the driver. Other reasons speeding tickets can become serious is when they involve high rates of speed or Commercial Driver’s Licenses or CDLs. Speeding tickets can be fought, your license can be saved, it’s not as simple as a radar gun.

Open Container– There are two types of open containers, one is a moving violation and the other is a non-moving violation. The difference can mean the difference in hundreds of dollars on your insurance premium. If you are the driver, the officer is suppose to issue the moving violation open container and the opposite is true when you are the passenger, it is non-moving violation. Many people don’t realize the difference between the two and neither do Officers, insuring this charge is dismissed or reduced is key to your defense.

Red Light or Stop Sign ViolationRunning a stop sign or red light can be costly on your insurance, it carries 3 points which is a substantial increase for your insurance. On the flip side, it could be the reason an Officer stops someone for DWI. To be found a legal stop, however, the Officer will have to show the court that you were in fact running the light or stop sign. We fight the Officer and question his sight lines, vision capabilities, and video equipment.